Lendo - Dennis Hauger

Lendo wanted to highlight its collaboration with F2 driver Dennis Hauger. Together with Ellevill, we put together a movie in a few hours in the studio. Lendo's identity emerged through careful lighting and creative close-ups that energized the film.

I was responsible for the design and animation of the neon text behind Dennis, as well as VFX supervision on set to make sure the footage would work in post-production. Working closely with the cinematographer, Fredrik Hinch, was important for the lighting to match the neon text properly. If we had tried to fix all the lighting in post-production, the result would not have been as good. Instead of using a green screen for Dennis because of the dark lighting, I chose to rotoscope him and integrated light wrap in post-production to better blend the neon light with the scene.

Before the animation, I presented some draft designs of the neon light. The draft designs helped us find the perfect style for Lendo, without a lot of back and forth during the actual animation.

The movie was published in Lendo's social channels, and Dennis Haugar shared the movie with his 150K followers.

Production company: Ellevill Production
Agency: Tante Randi
Client: Lendo
Director: Markus Odland
Art Direction: Zakarias Nadir, Glenn Haugen
Script: Glenn Haugen
Cinematographer and editor: Fredrik Hinch
VFX and motion design: Lasse Leonhardsen