Energy Norway - EHS Guide

Energy Norway was about to launch a guide that sets requirements for health, working environment and safety when purchasing in the power industry. In this connection, they contacted AVIA Produksjon to make a film that encourages companies to adopt the new guidelines.

Mathias Odden developed an engaging script that formed the basis for the design and animation of the scenes. While Erlend Kristiansen took care of the animation for the entertaining opening scene and the trampoline collision at the end, I took care of the animation for all the other scenes. For character rigging, we used the Rubberhose and Joysticks and Sliders tools.

Read more about the production on AVIA's website:

Production company: AVIA Produksjon
Client: Energi Norge
Script: Mathias Odden
Animation: Lasse Leonhardsen, Erlend Kristiansen
‍ Design: Frida Solvang, Lasse Leonhardsen
Sound design: Syncpoint