The fire protection association 100 years

The Fire Protection Association wanted to raise awareness of fire safety in a creative way. Ellevill Produksjon was approached to create a film that would celebrate the Fire Protection Association's 100th anniversary and at the same time raise awareness of fire protection.

In this project, I had the role of VFX artist/supervisor. The challenge was to bring in realistic flames without burning up the budget. It quickly becomes expensive to light a house on fire or do time-consuming flame simulations. The solution was to use multi-layered videos of flames over the footage. This was both more cost-effective and looks more realistic than computer-simulated flames.

Measures on set
To achieve a realistic light from the flames, it was important to get the lighting right. It's rare to get all the lighting right in post-production. We used fluorescent tubes that can simulate flickering light from flames.

Soot: To make the flames feel even more integrated into the scene, we sooted objects such as tables, dishes and vases. The radio-controlled car was melted with a gas burner. In post-processing, some of these objects were further edited to enhance the burnt effect.

Smoke: Smoke can be added in post-processing, but for an even more believable effect we chose to use smoke machines.

All of this provided a very good starting point for the post-production phase.

Production company: Ellevill Produksjon
Agency: McCann Oslo
Client: Brannvernforeningen
VFX and supervision: Lasse Leonhardsen
Director: Markus Odland
Project manager: Anniken Lohne
AD : Stian Birkelid, Kim Amundsen
Cinematographer: Fredrik Hinch
Editor: Fredrik Hinch
Creative producer: Sebastian Bergsnov
Coordinator: Maria Haugsgjerd
Music: Vegard Wikne